Ours is India’s largest modern farm situated in a pollution free area. Our cows are the stars of our farms and therefore we ensure they have plenty of healthy food to eat, pleasant living conditions and the best possible care. The Company owned farms are located at four different locations ie. Godmarra (Buffalo Farm), Arjuni (Heifer farm), Godri (Cow Farm), Machanpar (Quarantine farm) and Rewadih Farm (Quarantine farm). The Buffalo farm is located at Village Godmarra, Dstrict Durg, Chhattishgarh, India, which is 8 km. eastern on Antagarh corridor state highway. The Cow farm is located at Village Godri District Rajnandgaon, India which is 2 km from Dongargaon road towards east north. Heifer farm is located at Village Arjuni District Rajnandgaon, India,4 km North on Chandrapur state highway.

Desi Cow

At ABIS DAIRY, we believe in keeping our cows happy and healthy – so they produce the finest milk. The cows are given a totally mixed ration that ensure that they have a balanced diet which in turn makes them give quality, healthy, organic milk. Each cow on our farm has her own bed, and is kept in perfect condition. Apart from shady green areas to rest and ruminate, they are kept cool with water sprays and fans. We constantly monitor our farms and the cows, to ensure that we are maintaining the highest standards possible. The cows are nurtured and cherished like no other cows in the country so that the cows calve easily and enjoys a long life span. In fact, our standards at the processing plant are higher than those mandated by the state and federal guidelines

We like to keep the equation simple: happy cows = great milk. Therefore, our aim is to treat nature and animals in a way that meets their natural needs. Regardless of breed, all of our cows are looked after with the same respect and to the highest welfare standards. The cows are bestowed with care by a specially trained team. They ensure 24×7 on-demand supplies of food and water to providing them their very own fans, sprinklers and sprays; from ensuring that milking is never forced, to being nurtured by expert handlers and healthcare providers, the cows receive expert loving care all the way. All cows are vaccinated to ensure no disease at farm and no zoonotic transmission through milk takes place. All sick cows have a special treatment area where they are kept till they heal and are then given the healthy certificate by the Veterinarian. Cows have their own Cubicles, which give them space and allow them to have movement rather than being cramped. On winter nights they are always kept inside for warmth and comfort.