The plant is equipped with state of the art technology, which packs milk & dairy products in different size of packs. Because of the high standards of hygiene and quality control, ABIS is the best milk brand in Chattisgarh and with its constant efforts the company is sure to reach national markets with all its products variants. ABIS DAIRY is regarded as India’s most modern dairy farm with the finest international equipment that provides the customers with superior farm-to-home milk. The premium quality milk that our cows give is treated with the same sort of care as the land. Nothing is rushed in production. Traditional farmhouse methods, slow cooking and allowing time to let flavors develop ensure that the products are unspoilt and taste amazing. Our superior quality milk is packaged and delivered fresh under strict quality control, chilled to 4 degree Celsius and delivered to your doorstep through a process that is completely mechanized from start to finish. We at ABIS aims to maintain absolute purity and keep the taste and structure of the milk intact. Moreover, our plant is capable of churning out 1,000,000 litres of milk per day, has an output capacity up to 10 metric tonnes of butter, 25 metric tonnes of ghee, 10 metric tonnes of dahi (yoghurt), 40 metric tonnes of cheese and 65 metric tonnes of milk powder per day.



Perineal grass (Hybrid Napier) is harvested at own field. The production of Hybrid Napier is (120 ton/year/avg.) For fodder production cow manure is utilized as fertilizer. Irrigation is done by drip irrigation system. Company also contracted with farmers for green maize fodder to make silage, to ensure quality of feed to its highly productive animals.


Cows are milked in Delavel 50 rotary parlor. Cows are milked for three times a day. Buffalo are milked in Delavel 30 HB (2X24) Parlor. In quarantine farm all animal milked by Delavel Bucket Milking Machine.

Cow Milk


Whole milk produced by company is processed in a state of art processing plant which follow the law of “Cow to Consumer” milk is then pasteurize and packaged in different poly pouch pack and brand by Power, Natural, Cow milk and Buffalo Milk in pasteurized poly pack.


Milk is marketed through our own retail outlets and distributorship with the brand name Power, Natural, Cow milk and Buffalo Milk in pasteurized poly pack. We are also marketed paneer, khowa and ghee as indigenous milk products. Company also supplies milk in loose as bulk quantity to different sweet merchant.

Abis Milk pack